A college freshman, well on his way to a bright future, died last Saturday night in Encinitas. It’s a tragedy that hits home. Angel was a close and dear friend to my son, Nico.

Miguel Mozo Hernandez was a friend to many. His high school buddies called him Angel. Angel was a thoughtful, kind young man who tragically lost his life at the age of 19.

We’ve set up this tribute page to honor Angel, so that those who knew and loved him can share their comments in a central space.

Please leave your thoughts about Angel and any condolences to his family via this contact form. We will post all comments below and highlight them on social media.

Thank you.

Lifting your family and friends in prayer !!!
–Emily A.
My heart goes out to the family … this mom who lost 2 sons on the eve of Mother’s day… My son and family live on the block and often saw Angel outside with his siblings.. May God wrap His arms around the family and show them peace and comfort as they mourn
Carol E.
Please consider making a donation to Angel’s family during this extremely difficult time. 

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I Will Remember You — Angel

Angel — Honoring a Young Life Lost
Written by Maria Felicia Kelley | 5/16/24
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