I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLachlan is a timeless, heartfelt classic song. It also became a fitting complement to a tribute post in honor of Miguel Angel Mozo Hernandez, better known as Angel to his high school buddies. I was inspired to write the tribute and use the song because the lyrics spoke to my recollection of my son, Nico’s friendship with one of his best friends.

I only knew Angel through Nico. They were high school friends who met in their sophomore year. Angel was a giver—of attention, kindness, gifts, and his own possessions.

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The lyrics in this Sarah McLachlan song really speak to my thoughts of Angel from Nico’s perspective. I know Nico will remember Angel: I will remember you… but in death does one’s soul remember the love and the friendships experienced while here? Will you remember me? I sense my son is saying, I will remember you… and asking, Will you remember me? in his reflective moments as he speaks to Angel’s spirit.

—We hold you in our hearts, Angel. Spirit in peace.